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Bliss Bubble is home to writer, spiritual seeker, world traveler and yoga music aficionado, Leanne Wood a.k.a. Ms. Bliss Bubble. I know some of you are already saying, "Is she crazy? Delusional? Who lives in a Bliss Bubble? Life is hard. Life is messy. I seriously don't feel bliss much of the time, if ever." Ah, yes. I know this well. Life is, in fact, hard. And messy. I'm no delusional girl out there trying to capture moonbeams, rainbows or fairies (ok, well maybe the occasional fairy hunt in a forest might occur when I'm in a mood). BUT, what I am is grateful.  And what I strive to do is find the gift in the midst of the crazy, the beautiful, the messy, the painful, the fun, and the awesome ride life truly is... so I can find the bliss. My bliss. Again and again. I'm a storyteller by nature, and I tell my tales to remind myself that I always have a choice about how I view this gift. In sharing about my personal adventures (and a few misadventures) and takeaway lessons from them, I ignite and re-ignite my passion for life, heal from wounds, gain courage to share or question anything that doesn't sit quite right in my soul, so I can return to that oh-so-sweet Bliss Bubble of gratitude and joy.


By subscribing to my Bliss Report (i.e. blog) and becoming a fellow Bliss Chaser, I hope to inspire you to find your own inner Bliss Bubble no matter what life is handing you at any given moment. Whether it inspires you find the courage to face your fears, trust your inner wisdom, reveal your unique voice, take a leap of faith, give you a good laugh, or a provides a combo deal of all of the above, I hope it helps you claim your own special brand of magnificence. Because that's where you'll find your own Beautiful Bubble of Bliss. Yup, Bliss is an inside job.


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Dear 2018,

365 days of witnessing the best in us, seeing the worst in too many, here we part ways.

What we haven't learned from history, you came rudely knock...

Deva Premal:  DEVA

(Review LA Yoga Magazine, October 2018 Issue)

DEVA arrives in a full-circle moment of glory 20 years after Deva Premal’s emergence on the m...

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