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Leanne Wood

Bliss Chaser, Blogger, Writer, Spiritual Seeker, World Traveler & Yoga Music Aficionado

Leanne Wood is a new age spiritual music industry insider with ten years of experience managing one of the top bands in the genre. Under her management, her artists rose to notoriety as an award-winning yoga rock group that toured ten months a year, received radio airplay, were frequently interviewed in print, online, and on-air, were nominated in New Age Reporter and won the “World Music Award” by Malibu Music Awards.

In 2004 Leanne co-founded and formatted, the world’s first 

radio station and website devoted to the “Yoga for your Ears” music. During its eight-year run, it was a respected authority in defining the yoga music genre for the world.

In 2007, Leanne founded and was the executive director of the non-profit project Shakti Tribe Foundation, which was dedicated to bringing peace, hope, and transformation to people at a crossroads. For five years, she facilitated peace programs that taught mantra, yoga and transformational skills in prisons, jails, halfway houses, and juvenile detention centers. With regular visits behind bars, Leanne witnessed firsthand the power of imparting such practices and remains steadfast in her belief that these life-changing tools create a safer and more peaceful planet.


Years of programming music, attending performances and working with yoga music artists, labels, and distributors have placed Leanne in the rare position of being a tastemaker and expert in the yoga music genre. She’s written numerous articles, music reviews and content which has been published, cited and repurposed both in print and online including the August 2007 issue of Light Connection magazine, October 2007 issue of New Age Reporter, August 2008 issue of Coast Magazine, September 2010 issue of Vision Magazine, March and December 2014 issues of Parvati Magazine, ongoing issues of LA Yoga Magazine 2012-present, May/June 2019 issue of E.P.I.C. Magazine, Eterneva, the Bliss Network,, and more.

In 2012, Leanne founded Bliss Bubble Radio to continue her mission of sharing “Yoga for your Ears” music globally. Still in love with adventure, travel and spirituality, Leanne co-created HeartLAB Tours, a company that organized international retreats 2013-2016 facilitated by world-renowned wisdom and new thought teachers, to provide others with life-defining, heart-opening experiences. Leanne occasionally lends her talents and skills to organizations with empowering missions. Notable contributions include providing production support for Global Alliance for Transformational Entertainment’s (GATE) storytelling and gala events 2013 at the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills, California which featured a virtual who’s who of new thought leadership and was founded by Jim Carrey, Eckhart Tolle, and John Raatz, and most recently co-produced the inaugural event for Love Forward Talks—TED-style talks for the heart—in November 2018 at Boston Court in Pasadena, California.


In 2016, Leanne launched as a hub for her blogs—or “Bliss Reports,” as she calls them—to share anecdotes from her life as a Spiritual Seeker and the realizations she’s gleaned in the bargain, as well as music reviews, articles and as a launchpad for her internet-based radio station, Bliss Bubble Radio.


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