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Bliss Bubble Music Review

Deva Premal: DEVA

(Review LA Yoga Magazine, October 2018 Issue)

DEVA arrives in a full-circle moment of glory 20 years after Deva Premal’s emergence on the music scene with the widely-played and shared “Gayatri Mantra” track off her 1998 debut release, The

Essence. Her new album, DEVA, isperfect for yoga, meditation, and any time you need a respite from life’s hectic pace. The album is a transcendent journey that opens with the “Seven-Chakra Gayatri” and closes with a “Prabhu Mix” of the same song.

DEVA and the Sensual Sounds

DEVA also marks a homecoming to Premal’s beginnings in more ways than one, as she’s shared that her father chanted this very mantra to her while in her mother’s womb. Always nurturing and soothing, DEVA contains some chants with her partner in life and love, Miten. It also includes breathtaking bansuri flute parts by long-time musical cohort and dear friend, Nepalese flutist, Manose. “Prabhujee,” a devotional song written by the late Pundit Ravi Shankar, features his daughter, Anoushka Shankar, on classical sitar. The sensual sound bed finessed by producer Joby Baker is perfection as it supports Premal’s serene vocals effortlessly.

DEVA and Mantra Medicine

Heralded as one of the greatest artists in New Age music, she’s well-deserving of her global fan base and the praise she’s received from a wide range of celebrity luminaries including HH the Dalai Lama, Eckhart Tolle, Cher, and Tony Robbins. Often touted as “mantra medicine,” this music will make your soul feel like it’s being sung the sweetest lullaby while wrapped in the softest velvet blanket in the universe. Yes, Deva Premal’s mantras are nurturing “medicine.”

Deva Premal photo by Manose

Read listener reviews online or talk to anyone familiar, and you’ll quickly understand the transformational and healing effects Deva Premal’s music has on the masses. This includes those who share of being stopped in their tracks and transported onto a bliss-wave in a spiritual bookstore playing one of her many albums, as well as others who have peaceful sleep through listening to Deva’s songs. People in yoga classes testify that they find the most restorative savasana while her music’s playing. Her ability to transmit sacred vibrations is incomparable.

Deva Premal is an auditory alchemist whose music on DEVA nurtures, uplifts, and transports listeners to a refuge for the conscious—and busy—mind to let go, rest, and renew.

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BREATHE. Sounds so simple, yet we often hold our breath when we are stressed, fearful, or unhappy.



LAUGH. Laughter releases all those feel-good brain chemicals. Watch a funny movie, silly YouTube videos or read something humorous.



LISTEN. There's some good science out there that suggests listening to music--specifically kirtan & mantra music--elevates your mood.

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